Announcement: will shut down on July 31, 2019. I (Tim) don't have enough time to maintain this tool, and I don't personally have need for it any longer.

CSV2Wufoo - Version 3


(or, questions we suspect someone will ask)


This site serves one purpose: to take your Comma Separated Values (CSV) file and import it's data into a Wufoo form.


TJRM, Inc. built and operates this site.


We and others we know use Wufoo all the time to accept form input, manage data, and build reports. Wufoo has no way (currently) to import raw data, but it has an excellent Application Programming Interface (API) we can use to manipulate data in forms.

Are you (TJRM) affiliated with Wufoo?

No. Though, we do have permission from Wufoo to use their API in this way.

Do you (TJRM) make money from this?

No. We operate this as a free site for our own use and for everyone else.

What do you do with my information?

We only use the information you provide to the site in order to perform the function of the site — to import data into Wufoo. We do not store your information longer than we need to, and we do not analyze, sell, or otherwise profit from your information.

Be sure to read our Terms of Service.

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